Note: We start here for the request for quotation. We produce lamella in 18 variations with 6 types of lamella models and 3 types of production types. In order to accurately determine the lamella model and type you need, we kindly ask you to send us the requested information below.
After the inspections, we will prepare our official price offer with the most suitable model-type and suggestion.
Fill in the dimensions section according to the drawing on the left. Project drawing, water analysis etc. If so, please send an e-mail to
Prices are not given by phone, Whatsapp or email, an official offer is prepared according to your project.
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1-Contact; Name:, Company:, Mobile:, E.mail:
2-Incoming water; Water, Wastewater, oily water -DAF Other
3-Capacity; Number of Basin/Tanks: piece, Max. Flow: m3/h (For 1 Basin/Tank, write if you know)
4-Dimensions; W:cm , L0:cm , L:cm , Hx: cm , H1: cm Type the known-Leave the unknowns blank
5-Lamella Model; CT44, CT48, CT52, CT54, CT55, CT60, CT68, I don't know-I want suggestions
6-Lamella Type; Framed Type , Block Type , Unit Type , Sheet Type , I don't know-I want suggestions
LT: Plate length. It can be made between 60-250 cm. Usually 100 cm, 115 cm, 120 cm, 138 cm are used.
Hx: Lamella vertical height Hx=LT*sinSA , 87 cm, 100 cm, 104 cm, 120 cm.
Wx: Manufactureable lamella width. It varies according to the selected model.
Lx: Lamella thickness. It varies according to the selected model. The range of 20-50 cm for the Block Type, 80-130 cm for the framed type.
SA: Lamella tilt angle. Usually the slope is 60 degrees.
P: Aesthetic filling lamella for front/bottom and back/upper cavities due to inclination. (Optional, can also be manufactured upon request.)
- Additional information: If you write more information about water or facility, this information is also evaluated and the best system is recommended.
- You can get more information about Model and Type by going to the link.
- The most used LT sizes are kept in stock in certain quantities, your order is delivered in a short time.