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Top and side view of Block type lamella used in clarifier pools of water and wastewater treatment plants are given above.
Block lamella can be manufactured with a weight of around 30-40 kg.
1 Unit lamella consists of 2 sheets and 1 Block lamella consists of 2-10 unit lamellas (4-20 sheets).
In projects Hx: It is given as vertical height. Usually, the vertical (Hx) height is between 1000-1200 mm.
Lamella Slope (SA): It ranges between 55 to 60 degrees. In most cases, 60 degrees is recommended.
Standard thickness (Th): The standard thickness for PVC is 1 mm while for PP it is 0.8 mm. Desired thickness can be produced upon request.
Standard color : For PVC, Black color is produced. For PP, its translucent white. Other desired colors can be produced upon request.
Operating temperature : 50 degrees for PVC. 60 degrees for translucent PP.

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