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ET5615.95 m/m 13.92 m/m1.56 cm281 mm4385 mm 56 mm +Th 56 kg/m 38 kg/m

ET56 Model Tube settler & Lamella for circular clarifier

ET series lamella produces an ideal solution for circular pools.
Center radius can be filled up to 50 cm with lamella.
It is suitable for operating a scraper mechanism at the bottom or top.
The circular structure can be filled all around without opening.
ET series lamella is used for obtaining water and wastewater in circular type clarifier pools (basin).
It can be made of PVC or PP. It is slippery, flexible and strong. The sediment accumulated in the honeycomb slides on its own and falls on the ground, so it does not need further cleaning.
While efficiency is increased in the pools where Lamellas are used, structural pool volume, chemical, and energy consumption decrease.
It's assembling and maintinance are simple and easy. Because of all the mentioned features, the lamella system takes place among the best-known solution at the moment.

General information;
Lamella width (W) : Standard production is 500 mm. The circular pool radius can be filled by multiples of 500 mm.
Lamella length (LA): It can be made in every size.
In projects H: It is given as vertical height. Usually, the vertical (H) height is between 1000-1200 mm.
Lamella Slope (SA): It ranges between 55 to 60 degrees. In most cases, 60 degrees is recommended.
Standard thickness (Th): The standard thickness for PVC is 1 mm while for PP it is 0.8 mm. Desired thickness can be produced upon request.
Standard color : For PVC, Black color is produced. For PP, its translucent white. Other desired colors can be produced upon request.
Operating temperature : 50 degrees for PVC. 60 degrees for translucent PP.

Application Types


Unit (single) consists of 2 sheets of the lamella.
Lamella dimensions: It can be made in any size.
Width of the lamella W: 500 mm is preferred since it is a single piece without joint but the width can be increased or decreases to multiples of 155 mm.


Block lamella consists of 2-10 UNIT Lamella.
All of the lamellas are welded to each other. Recommended block volume ranges approximately between 0.3 to 0.5 meter cube. Block weight ranges between 30-40 kg.
Width of the lamella W: 500 mm is preferred since it is a single piece without joint but the width can be increased or decreases by multiples of 155 mm. L: It is suitable to be between 30-40 cm. H: It can be made according to the project (Usually its between 100-120 cm).

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