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TUPSET is our registered trademark and our product has a utility model and industrial design patent from Patent Institute.

TUPSET has a drinking water compliance report approved by the tests conducted by Yıldız Technical University (YTU). We have a certificate of suitability for juicy foods from the TURKAK approved Ministry of Food laboratories and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)

Our product, preferred by EU supported projects, Municipalities, State-owned water treatment plants and treatment companies, is produced in accordance with the drinking water treatment plants.

Tupset Lamella is manufactured from PP (polypropylene) or PVC (polyvinylchloride) for drinking water and wastewater treatment plants.Purpose of usage; to increase the efficiency of the treatment plant, to decrease the chemical consumption and the area and volume of the pool.

It is the most effective and economical system known.The settling unit using Tupset Lamella operates at 400% higher efficiency than conventional.The clarifier pool volume and chemical consumption of the facilities where Tupset Lamella is used is reduced.

In this way, the investment and operating cost of the treatment plant are reduced.Tupset Lamella can be manufactured with frames and blocks. There is no need for a metal frame for block type Lamella, therefore metal frame cost eliminated.

Our laboratory, analysis and R&D studies related to Lamella manufacturing, which we have been leading since 2003, continue.

Our products;
It is resistant to impacts.
Durable to sunlight
It does not hold germs and dust.
It is flame-proof.
It is long-lasting.
It is resistant to acidic medium.
It can work up to 50-60 °C (PVC-PP) without deforming.
It is produced in black and reduced transparent colors as standard. ( Pvc is Black, PP is Reduced transparent) Other colors are optional Project Help Tube settler & Frame Calculator Products Contact